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Childish Gambino Pays Homage to Atlanta

Childish Gambino recently released a mixtape titled sTN MTN / KAUAI. The title spawned from Stone Mountain, Georgia where he grew up. I've already listened to it on repeat for the past 12 hours and I can personally vouch this is a good mixtape to just let play but I def. have my favorites (see below). In the mixtape he raps over Atlanta based beats and does a fine job doing so. In his first track he introduces the mixtape as a nostalgic dream of ruling the Atlanta music scene which catapults him into an Atlanta homage. If you love southern hip hop I highly recommend giving it a shot. Already heard it? Which songs are your favorite?

Listen below:


Dream Southern/Hospitality/Partna Dem



No Small Talk Feat. Kari Faux (Prod. By Black Party & Kari Faux)

Money Baby

Move That Dope/Nectel Chirp/Let Your Hair Blow Feat. Young Scooter (Prod. By Zaytoven)

Childish Gambino @ The Atrium

Candler Road (Prod. By Tim Suby & Childish Gambino)


All Yall



Fucks Given (Prod. By Nick Banga) 

AssShots (Remix) Feat. R O Y A L T Y (Prod. By Big Soj)

U Don't Have to Call (Prod. By Ludwig)


Warpaint in 19 Hours 30 minutes