Based in Atlanta, we're shedding light on the value of clothing that others may have over-looked or simply forgot about. 

Collectively, we salvage retail ruins to provide you with clean looks from the past that you can bring to the present. 

All items are previously used and sold as-is.

Owner of These Odds interviews UK Magazine, Amia Online

Odds On - Your Style!


Lakecia is the inspiration behind the website - she has a passion for individual style and for discovering, enhancing, customising and retailing fabulous items of second-hand clothes. We asked her about her vision, inspirations and the clothes she sells............. 

Tell us where the idea for starting "These Odds" came from.......


The name "These Odds" came from an idea that people sometimes doubt the purchase or even the use of worn and used items. We are trying to show people the odds of finding great pieces that actually have a past life but were just left behind. These Odds represents those individuals who set their own trends at their own pace.

I have never thought of thrifting as a last resort and I think that is a pretty big misconception that some people have. Growing up in Portland (Oregon) allowed me the opportunity for exposure to flea markets, the concept of recycling, and a sense of individuality. I want people to realize that everything you really need to furnish your individual style is already out there and half the fun is finding it!

Tell us how your site works/what it does.....

What we do is find items that we love, style them, and post them on our website. We wanted to make our site super-easy to navigate. The "Thrift" header takes you to our inventory. From there, you can click any piece that you like and often we'll put the whole outfit together, so it makes shopping pretty easy. Every item is unique and one of its kind. Once you see your size is available in something you like, you add it to your cart.


Thrifting online saves you the stress you'll get from getting stuck in traffic. I live in the city, so I know how this feels, especially if all you want to do is go to a charity shop or thrift store across town without knowing what they'll even have to offer! Plus, doesn't close and it's mobile, so any thrifting you want to do is super simple and convenient.

Where does your interest in style/fashion come from?

Soul Train. I'm a sucker for the 70's era. Everything from funk music to a pair of fun high waist trousers. I'm also inspired by classic feminine pieces that date back to the 50's. I'm a big fan of magazines like The Gentlewoman and Kinfolk. ** I'm partial to minimalism. You will be able to draw a parallel once you visit the site.

(** Gentlewoman is a publication covering style and purpose in a minimal fashion. Kinfolk is a publication about simple ways to entertain small gatherings and spend time together and is based out of Portland Oregon.)

Where do you find the items that you adapt and sell on your site?

I frequent Goodwill **, and other small "hole in the wall" consignment shops that embody These Odds' overall aesthetic.

(**Goodwill stores in the USA take donations and supply second-hand goods from clothing to housewares - similar to charity shops in the UK.)

Tell us about your thrifting schedule and calendar....

Our thrifting schedule and calendar explains when we'll be thrifting for preowned pieces and we'll usually put the time we are going so you can gauge when items will be posted next (usually just a few days after the trip). You can save any dates to your iCal so you get alerts on your iPhone to remind you to visit and browse everything first before anyone else.

Describe the style of the clothes you sell......

The girl behind These Odds is environmentally conscious, loves living in the city and finds inspiration everywhere. She loves classic feminine looks but also watches 70's Soul Train reruns like nobody's business. On her coffee table, you'll see magazines from Kinfolk to Lucky Peach. ** You're going to see this girl's eclectic wardrobe on and we're hoping to connect with people who live a similar lifestyle.

(**Lucky Peach is a food & writing magazine in its most artistic form - It screams indie.)

Which are the most popular items you sell?

Our tops get a lot of love. They're pretty affordable - ranging from 10-15 dollars.


What do you most enjoy about bringing older garments back to life so that they can have a new lease of life?

Retailers are having to keep up with the market demands and are using cheap labourers from Bangladesh and China to keep up with those demands. What I most enjoy about bringing older garments back to life is the fact that we (as consumers) are highly capable of sustainability. The key is that anything you really need for style upkeep is here already.

Tell us more about the "habit of thrift" you are aiming to encourage and what you hope this will achieve.....

I ultimately want people to make thrifting a feasible option for finding a dress for a night out, finding shorts for the beach, etc. There's too much in the world and once you find a piece you actually like you'll know a few things:

1) No one else is going to have it

2) It's only a fraction of what you would have been paying retail

3) You're practising a smart and economical alternative to mass retail consumption.

Your website encourages people to modify/adapt some of the clothes they might otherwise stop wearing - can you share some of your favourite tips for what to do with items you have grown tired of....

If you find that you're just not in love with a pair of jeans from the 90s, donate them, upcycle them or try what my friends and I do. Host clothing swaps where you get all your friends together and they each bring bags of clothes they don't wear anymore. Organize by tops, sweaters, trousers etc. and you will be surprised at who has been dying to find something that you had no use for! It's a lot of fun.

What would you say to people who say they don't have the skills to adapt their own clothes?

Thankfully, we're in a generation of go-getters and advanced technology. There's a channel on YouTube or a blogger for virtually anyone.  Borrow some ideas from them and you'd be surprised at how crafty you can be. A favourite of mine is Mr.Kate. She would take wooden pallets of abandoned chairs and recreate them while providing a tutorial. It's fantastic.

What tips/ideas do you have for people to develop their own sense of style?


I had an awkward phase in middle school where I was trying to find my style - so it projected as me wearing all black one day, and then wearing denim clogs the next. Eventually, I found my style through trying different looks and realizing how silly it was to try and keep up with the Jones'. It will come to you organically. Once you find your style, you'll see something and say, "Oh, I need this".  Don't succumb to boxed- ready or conventional trends. Find yourself.


Confession: I am a Craigslist junkie

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