Based in Atlanta, we're shedding light on the value of clothing that others may have over-looked or simply forgot about. 

Collectively, we salvage retail ruins to provide you with clean looks from the past that you can bring to the present. 

All items are previously used and sold as-is.

Denim vest


How I manage to find great pieces like this I may never understand but the point is that they are out there and since I began thrifting I've never run into a situation where I just can't find anything. One of the reasons I do what I do is because if I go into a retail store at the mall there is a very good chance that I will not find anything.

The reason is probably because trends are force fed and not very organic. Once I go into a thrift store I have free reign to clothes dated all the way back to the 20s. How's that for fashion at your own pace. This is the only denim vest I own and I'm glad this one is my first and quite possibly my last since I haven't seen anything that compares.

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