Based in Atlanta, we're shedding light on the value of clothing that others may have over-looked or simply forgot about. 

Collectively, we salvage retail ruins to provide you with clean looks from the past that you can bring to the present. 

All items are previously used and sold as-is.

The Tank: Razorback

When in doubt, stripe it. I Stand by my tees and tanks with black or navy lines. I feel like a top of these sorts gives versatility and works well with several bottom pieces such as shorts, leggings... Heck, even corduroy! Summer is inching closer and it's so important to have a go to piece for this season. The good thing about the razorback is that you never have to worry about those drooping straps or discomfort of adjusting. A lot of girls will say they don't like their bra straps to be revealed but its 2013 and luckily there are bra solutions for this. If you know of a few, feel free to leave feedback below for our readers. Personally, my bra of choice will be a sticky bra or strapless with a plastic lining so it saves me the trouble of pulling up again and again.


Distressed denim + Sheer backed top

Buttoned and Collared