Based in Atlanta, we're shedding light on the value of clothing that others may have over-looked or simply forgot about. 

Collectively, we salvage retail ruins to provide you with clean looks from the past that you can bring to the present. 

All items are previously used and sold as-is.

The Choosy Buyer

 The Stockton before shipment to Texas

The Stockton before shipment to Texas

Whenever I go on a buying scavenger hunt for These Odds I try to make sure that everything I grab makes sense and is along the same wave-length as my brand vision. Last weekend I went looking for some pieces that I thought would mix well with the line-up I have currently but I couldn't find anything that screamed "These Odds". One thing that I like to do when buying is:

1. Check for wear and tear - no one wants to buy something that looks like a Tasmanian Devil had it's way with it. 

2. Colors (i.e. Violet/Gold Earrings)

3. Patterns/Lines - are they flattering & timeless?  (i.e. 70's Inspired Pants)

4. Would I wear this?   (i.e. The Cloche)

5. Would the person behind their tablet/cell/laptop/desktop look at this and say to themselves "Ok...I need this like...yesterday!"  (i.e. the ever popular Cosby Sweater)

Everything is carefully picked LOVE. If I feel iffy about a piece I usually don't even bother. 


If you ever have questions about a certain garment you can always email at INFO@THESEODDS.COM

Instagram: @TheseOdds or @TheseOddsThrift

Twitter: @TheseOdds

Have a great week thrifters! 



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